Whether you have decided to renovate your home for yourself or the prospect of selling, there are certain things you can do along the way to add value to your home.

First Impressions

A first impression is very important for prospective buyers. It also helps for current homeowners to arrive at a home they find aesthetically pleasing. So it may be time for some landscaping and apply that fresh coat of paint! Another way to add value is to look into ways to sprucing up your front door. You can change the color or even the door itself.

Upgrade Your Kitchen

Upgrading the kitchen is always a good investment. A “modern” kitchen is something much sought after nowadays with upgraded appliances and countertops. For an easy and less expensive upgrade, try applying a fresh coat of paint to cabinets or walls to a splash of color.

Leave It Out In the Open

Open floor plans are on this generation’s must have list. Finding useable space in your home that you can open up, such as a basement or attic can add square footage and value to your house. Flex space is also something useful that peaks buyers interest. Flex rooms are rooms that can serve a dual purpose. For instance, an office that doubles as a guest room.


One of the biggest things to look at before you plan a renovation is to evaluate what you currently have in your home and fix what needs fixing before beginning a whole new project. Adding an extension to your home may be what you had in mind, but if your roof needs replacing, it is probably better that you take care of that first. You don’t need to deal with water damage if your old roof fails you, and buyers don’t like hearing that they will soon have to sink money into their new house. Look to see if it’s time to replace your windows as well.

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