If your windows are over 15 years old, chances are they’ve seen better days. Older windows that have not been replaced can become a real burden for a homeowner. They don’t function correctly, they’re not aesthetically pleasing, and most importantly, they’re incredibly energy inefficient. Luckily for the consumer, in the past 25 years window technology has come a long way. Some of the better and best window manufacturers are selling top quality products.  S&S Remodeling Contractors LLC has been in business for the past 64 years, specializing in window installation all throughout Delaware County, Chester County, and New Castle County. Without further ado, let’s go into some of the most prevalent signs that you need new windows.


  1.  Hard To Open
    Opening a window should not be a workout. All it should take is one easy upward motion. If you’re struggling to open your window, it’s a good sign that gears and hardware are failing.  Being able to easily operate your homes windows is a must.
  2. Painted Shut
    This happens all the time in beautiful old farm houses. A wood window can be extremely appealing, unfortunately the technology decades ago didn’t allow for the paint to last. Chipped up, old damaged paint really can take away from the historic beauty of an older home.  Your family should be able to enjoy your windows by letting the breeze in on a summer day.
  3. Will Not Stay Open
    While some windows are hard to open, others will not stay open. This goes hand in hand with the 2 signs above. The fact of the matter is, windows open for a reason. It’s incredibly frustrating to struggle to open,  to have them shut closed the second you turn around. Functionality is just as important as aesthetics.
  4.  Feels Drafty
    Are your windows cold to the touch? If so, they’re probably drafty, and letting in the outside air. During the winter, when all you want to do is keep your family warm, this can be a real burden. It’s not cheap to heat a home. Drafty windows are not only letting the cold air in, but they’re also letting the warm air out. The reverse is true during the summer months. On Provia’s Endure window, there’s 2 pains of glass, with Argon gas in between. The window sash, and the window itself is fortified to be completely air-tight.
  5. Foggy
    Are your windows foggy, and cold to the touch? Fog accumulates when the outside of a window is colder than the inside. If this is the case with your homes windows, they’re not acting as a protective barrier like they should. Although it may not look like it, the inside of your home is exposed to the elements outside. This becomes an even heavier burden on your heating/cooling bills.
  6. Won’t Lock
    Not only is this a safety issue, but it’s also not very efficient. Window locks not only keep out bad guys, but they also fasten a window shut. Remember that air-tight, protective barrier we talked about? If your windows feel drafty, are foggy, cold to the touch, and won’t lock, they’re the opposite of an air-tight protective barrier.
  7. A Pain to Clean
    Older windows were not optimally engineered. Practicality wasn’t the biggest thought process back then. Profit was. The window manufacturers at the time thought, “What’s the fastest, easiest way, to manufacturer the most windows in the shortest time, for the lowest cost?” A newer window is a breeze to clean. Second story homes with older windows haven’t seen a wet rag since they were originally installed. What are you supposed to do, put a ladder up to your house to clean a window?
  8. Paint Cracking
    Wood is beginning to make a comeback, especially wood hybrid. Wood hybrid windows can be either fortified with aluminum clad, or composite. Giving that wooden look and finish, without the risk of wood ripping, or paint cracking. Some folks really like the wood look, unfortunately old wood just didn’t last the test of time. A good alternative to wood is vinyl. The paint on a vinyl or composite window is usually of a higher grade, allowing the paint to not fade or chip for decades to come.

    If  you’re interested in learning more about S&S Remodeling Contractors LLC, click here. If you’re interested in Provia’s Endure window, head over to Provia’s website, here.


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