S&S is an authorized dealer of Aristocrat Awnings, Shades and Canopies for homes and businesses

retractable awnings

Retractable awnings provide shade when you want to enjoy an outdoor meal.  Easily retract the awning to enjoy the sun too!  With just the push of button or a tap of your phone app, you can open and close the awning.  It really gives you a chance to be able to enjoy the elements on your own terms. Not to mention the attractive fabrics available can add some character to your patio, deck or porch.

S&S chose to become a dealer of Aristocrat Awnings Estate line of retractable awnings because these amazing awnings block 94% of the sun’s harmful UV rays.  In addition, they decrease the sunlight entering your home allowing you to have some climate control within your home and reduce the air conditioning costs during the summer months.  To add shade and so much more, call S&S Remodeling to learn even more about the Estate line of retractable (and attractive) awnings.



Estate Awnings: The Estate Awning is the most popular model that S&S Remodeling offers. The Estate Awning offers a welcoming shade to decks, patios or porches in a variety of sizes.  In addition, the awning offers protection to you and your family from damaging UV rays and allows you to control the amount of sun you want to experience.


Estate Slim-Fit Awnings: The Estate Slim-Fit Awnings are specially made to fit narrow spaces and offers a lot of shade to even the smallest and narrowest of areas.  In order to maximize the narrow space, the arms cross over each other when retracted in order to ensure space for retracting the awning. The slim-fit’s are most ideal for apartment and condo balconies, small terraces or places with a limited amount of mounting width.


Estate XLP Awnings: The Estate XLP Awnings are designed for Extra Long Protection, projecting out over 16 feet.  This type of awning uses telescoping legs for maximum support.  The Estate XLP provides plenty of shade for large decks, patios and porches.  This allows more people to enjoy being cool during the summer months.

Retractable awnings have caught on and people are starting to notice how wonderful it is to dictate the amount of shade you want to have while enjoying the outdoors. S&S Remodeling is proud to offer Aristocrats Estate Line of retractable awnings because they are both valuable and competitive in pricing.  In addition, the company has a well respected history in the awnings business.  Take some time to read all the benefits of retractable awnings and call S&S to schedule your installation.















All of our Retractable Awnings offer:

  • hundreds of beautiful fabric options to choose from
  • three mounting options: wall, roof or soffit
  • smooth, quiet operation
  • manual or motorized operation — with motorized, you can easily extend your awning with the push of a button or your smartphone or tablet app
  • professional installation by S&S Remodeling
  • custom manufacturing locally in suburban Philadelphia
  • maintenance-free products – the aluminum baked on enamel and powder coated finish requires no painting or lubrication of frames throughout the lifetime of the unit. Fabric is also exclusively sewn with one of the most chemically resistant substances known and guaranteed against rot and mildew.
  • a strong manufacturer’s warranty – limited lifetime warranty on awning frames and 12 year warranty on Northport series fabrics

S&S also offers Retractable Canopies & Pergola Covers


These covers are ideal to cover verandas, terraces, and roof gardens, retractable canopies can provide shade around your pool and provide the atmosphere you need for outdoor entertaining. Canopies can give you more height than an awning, and you can add side curtains for added sun protection.

Unique and innovative! These shade structures help you keep a healthy control on your tan! When the sun is too harsh for safe sunbathing, just close the canopy and enjoy cool shade! With three great options to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect fit for your home.

  • Choose acrylic awning fabric, waterproof polyester, PVC coated polyester or fiberglass mesh screen.
  • Versatile! Mix or match top cover and side curtains.
  • Canopy has manual operation with a wind proof latch.
  • Open sides or retractable side curtains with built in side tracks-motorized or manual.
  • White or Earthstone frames; custom colors available upon request.
    Standard height 8’6”.
  • Single units up to 16’x16’ and can be joined as tandem units for wider applications.
  • Residential and commercial applications.

Freestanding or mounted to your house wall, canopies can be fitted with built-in side curtains on any or all sides, making them a great alternative to awnings when you are looking for privacy, or need more protection from the sun. They feature a host of fabric choices that match your home decor to create a comfortable outdoor space! The perfect solution to shade the lounging area near your pool!