When replacing a roof, there’s a lot of ways to cut corners. Before getting a new roof, be sure you can trust your roofer. Here are 5 tricks that illegitmate roofers may try on you and your home. 1: Price Swap With roofs, the price is the price. Beware for a sales representative who tries…

Asphalt roofing has come a long way in the past decade. A top of the line roofing system can last you a lifetime. The field is ever advancing, as the manufacturing companies compete to provide the best possible products. A well built roof consists of many different pieces. That’s why at S&S we don’t just…


Investing in a new roof can be a great home improvement. Finding the right guy for the job can be harder than one may think. How can you pick the right roofing contractor for the job? We’ll show you a few signs to look out for before making a decision. A new roof can add…

roof repair

One of the most important areas of the home is the roof.  Our roofs keep the elements out and protect our families from inclement weather.  Therefore, it is very important to always make sure your roofing system is in good condition.  Today we are going to learn some signs that a roof repair is needed….

new roof

If you have lived in your home for more than 20 years, chances are your roof has seen better days. Older homes that have not had their roofs replaced can become a burden.  Leaks and water damage can occur and will reduce the overall value of your home.  Today we are going to learn about…

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