Asphalt roofing has come a long way in the past decade. A top of the line roofing system can last you a lifetime. The field is ever advancing, as the manufacturing companies compete to provide the best possible products.

Roofing System

A well built roof consists of many different pieces. That’s why at S&S we don’t just install new shingles or a “roof”, instead we install a complete “roofing system.” We wanted to provide our customers with the best possible roof, which made the decision to offer Owens Corning an easy one. The “Total Protection Roofing System” is one of a kind. Comprised of multiple pieces to help a roof seal, defend, and breathe, this is the go to system. Without further ado, let’s get into the meat and potatoes.

Before we even get to the roofing system, the structure is just as important. After removing the existing layers of roof, we make sure to inspect each and every piece of plywood. On older roofs, plywood tends to get wet, and will start to rot. It’s important to replace any and all damaged plywood. It’s always better to be safe rather than sorry.

The next step is to place ice and water shield on all edges and eaves. This prevents ice dams from building up and damaging your roof. It also allows water to freely flow, without causing water damage. Owens Corning’s Weatherlock G has a granulated surface for traction, and is self sealing.

After ice and water, underlayment is needed to cover the whole roof. “Pro Armor” is a synthetic roofing underlayment. With the Fusion Back Coating Technology, it’s strong, durable, and repels water. This is a huge upgrade to standard 15 lbs felt paper.

Finally, you’re ready for shingles. Owens Corning’s Duration shingles are what we consider the best bang for your buck. While still managing to be affordable, they’re incredibly effective. The nailing strip on these shingles is truly one of a kind. It shows the installers exactly where to nail, in order to maximize performance. With a wind resistance of up to 130 mph, these shingles are quite optimal. Offered with a limited lifetime warranty.

Now that the roof is built, and structurally sound, ventilation is needed. Every roof needs an intake and an exhaust for air flow.

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