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The winter months are getting closer and with it comes those bitter cold nights.  Getting your home ready for the winter is something that every homeowner should be thinking about.  One area of the home that should be inspected is the windows.  If your home is more than 15 years old chances are your windows just might need replacing.  Today we are going to learn five different reason why you should be installing replacement windows before old man winter comes to town.

Five Reasons You Should In Replacement Windows

  1. Replacement windows will pay for themselves:

    When you invest in replacement windows you are helping to make your home more energy efficient. After they have been installed you will notice a drop in your electric bill.  Over time this savings will pay for the cost of the windows which is always an added bonus.

  2. Your curb appeal will greatly improve:

    Most of us like to show our homes off during the holiday season. So why not have your home looks its best by replacing those old outdated windows with brand new ones?  This will surely improve the look and appeal of your home this winter.

  3. The homes comfort level will get a boost:

    Old windows are often drafty and they let the cold air in. Setting next to a drafty window is no way to spend your winter nights.  Instead why not improve the comfort level in your home with some new windows.

  4. It will improve your chances of selling your home:

    While many of us wait for the summer to place their homes on the market others try to make a sell during the winter. If you want to improve your chances of making a quick sell why not add some beautiful new windows to your home.

  5. You just might receive a tax credit:

    If you install new windows in your primary residency you just might qualify for an Energy Star tax credit. This will help you cover part of the cost of your new windows saving you even more money.

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