There are countless ways that water can flood a home. Whether it be near by bodies of water overflowing from heavy rains, a broken dam, or even a burst pipe in the home — they can all cause serious, expensive damage to your home. Water damage is a seriously dangerous situation that can not only damage and destroy large areas of your property, but it can also be threatening to you and your loved ones. Usually, getting your home back to its former glory is a long, hard, and pocket emptying experience. It’s S & S Remodeling Contractors’ job to make the remodeling process as smooth and simple as possible in this incredibly stressful time.

First, Make A Phone Call To Your Insurance Provider

This initial phone call is absolutely critical. This will notify the insurance provider of the issue at your home, and allow them to dispatch an adjuster to the property. It’s the insurance adjuster’s job ultimately to decide when and what amount of funds will be released to the policyholder as compensation for the damages their property has experienced.

Set Up A Meeting With Water Damage Restoration Professionals

The next step, which may be as critical as the calling your insurance provider, is making a call to a water damage restoration company to begin the process of drying out the home or business. This includes removing wet carpets, moving any sodden furniture, and placing heavy duty industrial fans throughout the home to dry not only the structure, but the contents of your home as well. Don’t waste any time when it comes to making contact with a restoration company. Any wet object can be a future home for mold and other toxic fungus. To begin ventilation and drying on your own, turn on the air conditioner and open all of the windows. Anything you can think of to begin the drying process before restoration experts arrive on the scene, do it. Keep in mind that some restoration companies are unlicensed, unprofessional, and trying to make a dollar on unsuspecting, unknowing homeowners. Only hire a fully licensed and insured restoration company to work on your property.

Have An Estimate Performed On Your Home

Once the remodeling company arrives, the representative will want to perform an estimate of the damages. This will involve the estimator walking through the damages and taking note of them. All of the damages will be taken into account, and put into a document that will feature the price to repair these damages. This is the estimate, a critical part of the remodeling process. You give this estimate to the insurance company so they know what they owe you in order to repair the damages in your home.

Go Over Your Insurance Policy

It’s a good idea to look through your insurance policy and think about raising the protection it provides after remodeling your property. Having an insurance policy that works well for you and your home is critical.

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