Not all roofing companies in Havertown are the same. Great American Roofing strives for customer satisfaction and fair pricing. Procedures required to do the job are considered part of the estimate and are never added on as extra fees or charges. Get fair pricing and quality work by the expert roofers every time.

High quality work, excellent service and the credentials to back it up.

  • These Havertown roofers are members in good standing with the Better Business Bureau and are certified GAF roofing contractors. Great American Roofing maintains these credentials so potential customers know that they maintain the highest ethical and professional standards.
  • Giving a roofer or other contractor access to the home can be a frightening proposition, which is why this company’s mantra is to treat every home as if it were their own. The property of others is always treated with care and respect and the job site is always clean.

Work with a Havertown roofing company who isn’t looking to get rich off service fees.

  • Great American Roofing never charges fees for debris removal, credit card payments or for obtaining any required permits. The roofing company considers these fees part of the cost of doing business and never forces customers to pay additional fees to cover them.
  • Most roofers require clients to put down a deposit before work begins. Although this is standard practice, this company waives this requirement on jobs costing less than $10,000. Get repairs started immediately without providing a deposit.
  • New roof warranties often go to waste if a house or other property is unexpectedly sold after the work is completed. That is not a problem with these roofing contractors because they will transfer roof warranties to the building’s new owners. Not every roofer will do that.
  • Every job receives a free estimate for approval before work begins. There are no unpleasant surprises or hidden costs. Just a straightforward estimate that is as accurate as it is easy to understand.