When replacing a roof, there’s a lot of ways to cut corners. Before getting a new roof, be sure you can trust your roofer. Here are 5 tricks that illegitmate roofers may try on you and your home.

1: Price Swap

With roofs, the price is the price. Beware for a sales representative who tries to pull tricks to fit in your budget. While it’s reasonable to haggle on a price, there’s a couple things to look out for.

The “Let me call my boss.” trick. If the sales representative has to step out to call their boss…. They’re most likely lying.

The “Limited time offer” trick. Roofers run sales year round, there is rarely ever a true “limited time offer.” The goal is to get you to think you’re saving money by buying now, rather than later. Don’t fall for it, this is a big decision, and if you don’t feel comfortable signing, take a day to think about it.

2: Shingle Over

If you sought out multiple quotes from different roofers, I’d advise not to choose the cheapest one. Especially if it’s by a large margin. Half the price of the other guy? This is not a good sign, and costs will be cut. One of the most common ways roofers can do you in, is by shingling over the existing roof. When getting your roof replaced, all the shingles, sheathing, and ice & water shield should be removed. This is the only way to check the rafters and structure of the roof. Sometimes they may need replacing as well, especially if there was water damage.

3: Different Products

Did you buy the “Ultimate Roofing System 3000”? If so, you should get every product that entails. Most roofers will explain what kind of felt paper, ice & water shield, and shingles they will be using. There’s a big difference in price between 50lbs synthetic felt, and 10lbs felt paper. Don’t let them cut costs when you’re paying premium.

4: The B-Team

Make sure to ask your potential roofers about the crew who will be present. Many roofers may have multiple crews, and usually one is significantly better than the other. They’ll use their good crew on the better, more expensive, and important jobs. Potentially leaving you with the B-Team.

5: Project Manager

Some of the larger coorporate roofers do things a little different than S&S. Our sales representatives project manage their own sold jobs. Meaning the same person who sold you the work, will be there to project manage it. You’ve already built a relationship with this person, and they know exactly what you want. There’s a huge benefit to having them project manage your job, compared to an outsourced project manager.

Remember these tips when redoing your roof. It’s a big investment, and can really go poorly if done wrong. S&S Remodeling Contractors has been serving the Delaware Valley since 1953. We’re a family owned and operated business, who cares about you and your home. Are roofers are all highly trained, and we guarantee satisfaction. Check us out at SSremodeling.com


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