S&S Remodeling Contractors LLC has been doing work in New Castle County for decades. Over the years, we’ve learned to love selling down 95. We have hundreds of happy customers in New Castle County, and we’re really aiming to focus on New Castle County Awnings. What makes Aristocrat’s New Castle County Awnings a good fit? Well, from our experience so far, the fact of the matter is, New Castle County has a lot of new construction. When a builder purchases a field, or open land, lots of excavating is needed to be done before homes are built. Essentially, you need a blank slate. Most of, if not all trees are cut down, hills are leveled, and a grid is created. While this makes for a nice, consistent, easy to navigate neighborhood, amenities are lost. Many of these new construction communities are void of shade. New Castle County is a great area in which to raise a family. Many home buyers opt to build a deck on the back of their new home. It can save some money to go through the builder, rather than doing one on your own years later. These decks aren’t always massive, but they still can provide a great outdoor seating area. That is, unless you’re getting absolutely cooked by the sun’s blazing UV Rays. Sometimes when having a deck, it’s a battle. Either it’s raining, snowing, too cold, too hot, too humid, or too sunny. This is why retractable awnings have caught on so well, especially New Castle County awnings. A retractable awning can turn your deck or patio into a true outdoor oasis. What about that brand new deck furniture you purchased? If it’s left out in the sun it will get ruined. That’s not the case if you choose to trust S&S to install an Aristocrat Awning for your home in New Castle County. Our Sunbrella fabrics were tested at SPF 50 according to the Skin Cancer Foundation. While also offering a 12 year fabric warranty, no other awning competition can stand up to that type of warranty. Just another reason to go with S&S and a New Castle County awning.

There’s so much more that goes into a retractable awning than just comfort or fabric. You want your New Castle County Awning to last for years to come. You want this awning to stand up to natures worst. You want this awning to look like it’s meant to be a part of your home, not just some ad on.

Assembled in Souderton, PA, Aristocrat Awnings were built to last. Their full time employees put in 8 hour days, all towards a common goal. Providing the end customer in a product they and their family will enjoy for years to come. That’s whether you live in Delaware County, New Castle County, Chester County, or right next to the plant, in Souderton, PA.

An Aristocrat Retractable Awning is made from multiple key components. We like to relate the mechanics of an awning to the human anatomy.

The first piece here, is the “back” of the awning. It’s a 40mm galvanized steel bar, baked on with powder coated enamel, for a clean finish. It’s the white bar. We call it the back or the backbone, because it’s what holds the awning together. The mounting brackets are attached to this bar, and the 2×8 ledger board that’s lagged into the house. Other manufactures may not use as heavy of a gauge, or they may use an aluminum bar. While an aluminum bar would be lighter, it would not be nearly as sturdy.
Shoulder bolts

This piece is what we call the “shoulder.” The shoulder holds the weight of the awnings arms and fabric, keeping a sturdy grip. As you can see, the shoulder is capped off with a circular piece, in order to keep a clean, seamless finish. Beneath that cap is 3 heavy duty bolts. These bolts really secure the awning, and prevent from future sloping or slumping. Most other awning manufacturers in New Castle County will only have 1, maybe 2 bolts. This shoulder assembly also includes a pitch adjuster. S&S Remodeling Contractors LLC is able to adjust the pitch of any of our New Castle County Awning customers. Depending on the scenario, you may want your awning pitched at a certain degree. Between the heavy duty shoulder assembly, and the custom pitch adjuster, Aristocrat Awnings are a step above the rest.

These white bars connected to the shoulder is what we call the “arms” of our Aristocrat New Castle County Awnings. These are heavy duty arms, outfitted with 3 tension springs. Overtime, the arms will extend and retract multiple times in their lifetime. The importance of having 3 heavy duty tension springs is quite simple. Tension. These 3 springs will keep the awning’s fabric beautifully taut for years to come. Other awning competitors will only have 1 spring for smaller awnings, and 2 for larger awnings. Aristocrat’s 3 spring tension system is at the top of the industry. Just another reason to go with S&S and Aristocrat for your New Castle County awning.

The piece above is Aristocrat’s heavy duty elbow assembly. It consists of 2 vinyl coated steel cables. Not only does the vinyl coating go a long way to offer a seamless, finished look, but it’s also built to last. These 2 cables are used when retracting the awning back into the cassette. Without strong elbow cables, over time an awning can struggle to come back in. This will never be the case with this elbow assembly. Many competitors of New Castle County Awnings will only have 1 exposed steel cable, or will have something similar to a bike chain. This leaves for an unfinished look, and an elbow assembly that will not last.

image1 (7)
Here we have the frontal facing mounting bracket. This mounting bracket is teflon coated. Most awnings will have grease inside a bracket like this. Over time, the grease will wear out and your awning will begin to squeak. Since this mounting bracket is teflon coated, no grease is needed. Over time, this mounting bracket will hold up to the weather. You’ll never have to stick a grease gun in any mechanical piece of an Aristocrat Retractable Awning. At S&S, we thought it was best to provide the customers interested in New Castle County awnings with the best possible product. We love low maintenance products. We’ve been in business for 64 years, and can’t afford to go back and service junk. That’s why we have a permanent track record of always offering top quality products. We preach bang for buck in all faucets of our industry. We’re not necessarily always selling the most expensive product, but we’re not selling any cheap products. We want our customers to get the best value possible from what they have purchased. This is why Aristocrat was a perfect choice for New Castle County awnings.

image1 (2)

The last main component that puts Aristocrat Retractable Awnings, Shades, and Canopies above the rest is what’s called the “cassette”
The cassette is made up of 3 key components.
These components are pictured above in order. Although different, each of these pieces work towards the same goal, keeping the fabric of the awning in great condition. When retracted, our awnings are completely covered and unexposed to the natural elements. When mounted against siding, we usually recommend just the hood and tray, since the back is protected by the natural siding or capping. On a roof mount installation, we recommend the full cassette, so the awning is completely covered when retracted. This is one of the reasons Aristocrat can offer the best fabric warranty in the business. The cassette system is really way above and beyond industry standard. Many awnings are composed of exposed fabric on a simple spool. One piece we almost always require is the tray. In certain scenarios the hood and back can be substituted for a house’s natural siding or soffit. The tray protects the fabric in a different way. By providing full, even coverage on the bottom of the awning, the fabric is neatly spooled out, or neatly retracted back in. The fabric spool sits in the tray, protecting it from natural weathering, but allowing for one easy smooth motion when operating the awning. Our competitors are known to use tracks or rollers to guide the extension of their awnings. This creates sloping on the sides where rollers aren’t present, and the rollers can even damage or rip the fabric. The tray was a great solution to a common problem with most awnings. Just another reason why S&S chose to go with Aristocrat to be the poster child for New Castle County awnings.

The last feature to mention here isn’t as crucial as some of the other mechanics, but it does offer unmatched luxury. All Aristocrat awnings come standard with an integrated gutter system. During a light rain storm, our customers are able to sit out under their Aristocrat New Castle County Awning with no problem. Since the fabric is hydrophobic, water will not sink into and dampen the fabric. Making it completely mold and mildew resistant. Instead, the water will simply bead up on the awning, and because these awnings are installed at a pitch, the water will run right out the integrated front gutter system. Aristocrat is one of the only awning manufacturers in the business that has included an integrated gutter system.

Springfield Awning
Glenolden Awning

Above is the awning we have in our showroom, as a demonstration piece. Our showroom is available to all possible New Castle County Awning customers, and anyone else who many want to take a look at our products. The other pictures are examples of a couple of awnings we’ve installed for customers in the past. So far, everyone loves the awning we installed for them. We’ve truly been able to offer our customers an outdoor oasis. Aristocrat’s New Castle County Awnings are built to last, and look like they belong on a home. With S&S’s top notch quality workmanship, these are top of the line awnings, installed carefully and meticulously. S&S is proud to offer New Castle County Awnings, and is proud to be an Aristocrat dealer. We will not halt in providing quality products, for all of our customers.

If you want to learn more about S&S, or Aristocrat’s Retractable Awnings, check out our other blogs at https://ssremodeling.com/aristocrat-shade-products/ or www.aristocratawnings.com If you have any questions, or would like to schedule for a free estimate, don’t hesitate to call @ 610-876-044
We’re happy to serve all of New Castle County’s Awning needs.

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