sunroom addition

Relaxing in your own sunny retreat at home is one of the benefits of a sunroom. Sunrooms are one of our favorite places to relax on a cold winter day or during the summer with all of the windows open.

In thinking about sunrooms, we were discussing some of the items that made up our perfect retreat.

Here’s our top 8 Sunroom ideas for the Perfect Retreat:

  1. Comfortable seating. Sunrooms act as a second living room and should be filled with upholstered seating, plush pillows and throw pillows.
  2. Multiple purposes. Ideally new sunrooms will accommodate many purposes and contain places to sit as well as a dining table to enjoy a meal with the family.
  3. Temperature Control. Since a sunroom can get warmer in the summer than winter, it’s important to consider how you will moderate the temperature, be it with windows, ceiling fans or if you will add HVAC to the room. Ask the professionals at S&S for their expert opinion.
  4. Privacy. Since most sunrooms are floor to ceiling glass, it’s important to consider how you will maintain privacy from your neighbors. Some folks won’t have that problem if they have a big enough yard, but others will want to consider shades as a privacy option.
  5. Greenery. A sunroom is the perfect place to bring the outdoors inside. An indoor garden and lush plants always make a sunroom special. Your plants will also thrive in this “greenhouse-like” environment.
  6. Entertaining. Consider wiring your new sunroom for sound and TV. Your next party will be so much fun when you extend your entertaining into your new space.
  7. Rugs. Adding plushness and texture to your sunroom will make this one of the most comfortable rooms in your house and one you will enjoy for many years to come.

Since a sunroom usually offers a lower construction cost than a fully finished room, it’s an excellent addition to your home and will bring better resale values in the future.

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