There’s nothing worse than looking out your back window and seeing gray, worn out deck that has seen better days.

Why not make your view better with a new custom deck from S & S Remodeling Contractors?

We Can Make It How You Want It.

  • All decks are custom made to your exact specifications
  • Ground level and raised decks
  • Multi level decks
  • Full range of composite decking and railings
  • Wide range of colors and styles

Want to make sure your deck will last?

We offer the widest selection of long lasting composite decking from Timbertech to ensure your deck withstands the harshest conditions. It carries a 25 year manufacturer warranty.

Extend the comfort of your home by adding a customized outdoor living area on your home.

Get a new custom deck installed by S & S Remodeling Contractors by calling 610-876-0440.