roof repair

One of the most important areas of the home is the roof.  Our roofs keep the elements out and protect our families from inclement weather.  Therefore, it is very important to always make sure your roofing system is in good condition.  Today we are going to learn some signs that a roof repair is needed.

5 Signs You Need Roof Repair

  1. Missing Shingles:

    When you look up at your roof, do you notice several missing shingles? If you do, then it might be time for some roof repair.  When roofing shingles begin to blow away due to high winds, it’s a sure sign that something needs to be done soon.

  2. The age of your roof:

    If your roof is more than 20 years old, chances are you might benefit from roof repair. Older roofs have a tendency to leak and replacing it with a new one will greatly improve your property value.

  3. Water in the attic:

    If you find water in your attic after a rainstorm, then you probably have a leak. While these leaks might be small at first, they can grow into a much bigger problem if left unrepaired.  Water damage inside the attic can be an additional problem and can lead to mold growth.  Mold can be a serious issue, and can even take over your entire home which is dangerous for your health.

  4. Increased electric bills:

    A faulty roof can have a negative impact on your home’s electric bill. A roof with small holes will lose its ability to trap in warmth during the winter and keep out the heat during the summer.  This will often cause a spike in your electric bill.

  5. Sunlight through the roofing boards:

    If you go into your attic and you notice light coming from the roofing boards, you need roof repair. This is a good indication that the underlying decking has been compromised.  Moisture is normally the culprit for this particular roofing issue.  Normally, when this occurs, the entire roof will need to be removed and replaced with a new one.

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