While “best” may be a subjective term, there’s many ways to fit the profile. What we do at S&S, is go above and beyond the expectations. It’s the reason why our reputation is so good, and our reviews are flawless. It’s not easy being a deck builder, but it’s a crucial job. Making homeowners happy is always good policy. Without further ado, what makes us the best deck builder? the best deck builder

1: Knowledgeable Project Manager –

With S&S, the best deck builder, this is really a two for one. With most contractors, a sales representative will come out, sell the job, and only be back to collect a check if that. Our sales reps double as project managers. They know what needs to be done. Before giving you an estimate, they will systematically design your family a custom deck. Nothing less than perfection is acceptable. That’s why your sales rep will be managing the job until completion. Truly a next level type of accountability.


2: Workmanship –

With a quality deck builder, full time installers are a must. Our S&S installers show up to your home in S&S trucks, with S&S shirts. They’re American citizens, and work an honest living 40 hours a week.

Customer satisfaction is always most important. With accountability present, we’ve had the same head foreman for over 20 years. “Joe” will oversee the quality of work, with the help of a trained sales rep/project manager. deck builder


3: Quality of Product

Composite decks are all the new rage. Without wood rot, fading, or cracking, composite decks offer much more than wood. Timbertech leads the composite decking industry. Offering the highest quality deck products, at a reasonable price. We’ve worked hard to be a “pro contractor” for TimberTech. With both the customer satisfaction badge, and design badge. Our decks come with a 25 year warranty backed by TimberTech. Pressure treated lumber would be lucky to last half of that. With a 30 year fade and stain warranty included.


4: Fully Custom

While taking all of your needs into consideration, every one of our decks is custom built. Our ability to design the perfect deck for your home is why we’re the best deck builder.


5: Family Owned

Since 1964, we’ve been serving homeowners all across Chester, Delaware, and New Castle County. S&S is a family owned deck builder that you can trust. Call now for a free estimate, 610-876-0440.


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