History –

After World War II in Germany, materials like steel, aluminum, and wood were scarce. There was a need for synthetic building materials. That’s when Poly-vinyl Chloride was invented, AKA Vinyl. In the 1950s, BF Goodrich Company came around and decided to manufacture vinyl windows at a mass scale. It wasn’t nearly as successful as planned. At first, although much more affordable, vinyl was brittle. It wasn’t until the 1980s, where vinyl windows caught on. By the 1990s, they were preferred over wood or steel in new construction. Today, vinyl has come a long way.

Efficient –

  1. Good vinyl windows can do wonders to lower your heating and cooling costs. Energy Star rates windows based on their energy efficiency, where high quality vinyl windows perform exceptionally. It’s incredibly important to consider energy efficiency when replacing the windows in your home. Vinyl windows go a long way to not only keep costs down, but also in saving the Earth.
  2. Vinyl windows are incredibly low maintenance. Most come with an operational pull out or flip down method, allowing you to easily clean both sides from inside your home. Unlike wood windows, they don’t have to be refinished.
  3. They will continue to be operational for many years to come.

Effective – 

  1. When it comes to a value standpoint, you can’t go wrong with vinyl windows. They’re not nearly as expensive as composite, yet perform on a very similar level.
  2. Higher quality vinyl windows can last decades.
  3. Replacing your windows can give your home a completely new look.

Maybe it’s time for a switch. Replacing the windows in your home can go a long way in increasing value and aesthetics. S&S Remodeling Contractors is a family owned and operated business, serving the Delaware Valley since 1953. Over the past 64 years, we’ve installed thousands of windows. Check out some of the work we’ve done here. Or give us a call – 610-876-0440

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